Kuching in Sarawak, City of Cats My Arse!

One cat, one bloody cat – ‘City of Cats’… yeah, city of one cat… But I’m not bitter.

That cat wasn’t even a good cat, as cats go it was pretty shit. As was the cat ‘monument’ located on a roundabout in the middle of town.

Looks like these anatomically incorrect cats were lifted […]

Arrested in Bangkok After Smashing up a Bar | Part Two

Continuing the story that starts here.

Our hero JC was not a happy bunny. He was very hungover and quite worried about visiting a Thai police station as I’m sure you can imagine. The Thai police, especially in the touristy areas are actually very helpful to farang and do let a large amount […]

Mini Rough Guide to Wales Beach Attack Shame

I attended the TNT Travel show here in London this weekend; by all accounts a pretty drab and predictable event with booth after booth of crappy keyrings and email spam schemes poorly disguised as ‘competitions’. However, there was one ray of ill humoured sunshine when an enthusiastic Welshman thrust a gem of a free guidebook […]