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Sweaty Editors

Captain Oats in non-formal attire.

Captain Oats in non-formal attire.

A gentleman explorer, probably of the highest order – Captain Oats is a man of absolutely no military standing at all who currently resides in Her Majesties London. Heed his words, for they are the words of a man who has, ‘seen too much’, or don’t, it’s really up to you. The Captain is also a renowned shootist and has never once been described as a cad and/or a bounder.

"Grr" *Splash*

“Grr” *Splash*

andyfied was abandoned in the jungle by his real parents and was subsequently raised by a wolf and a dolphin. His “feral-aquatic” upbringing keeps trying to work its way into the Gonzo Tourism posts, but we simply distract him by holding out a hoop for him to jump through while catching a steak in his mouth. He frequently describes the Captain as a cad and a bounder.

Guest Authors

Baron Aza

Baron AzA “sez” it like it is.

Baron AzA is a traditional Blackpool girl – the tower is very important to her people; she enjoys the finer things in life as well as whatever she can, ‘find lying about’.  She was once voted by her former classmates as ‘most likely to lead an insurrection in a small Central Asian county’ and has absolutely no interest whatsoever in kittens, puppies, candies or 18th century surgical implements.


Dione likes boats, but who doesn’t, right?

Dione is the only author on our fine site who actually has any journalistic credentials. She has written for several magazines, including In the City, and an assortment of other “real world” (not the internet) publications. An attractive, angelic and ardent ambler, actively actioning adventure at all allocations. She knows all the words to “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot and currently works for Shoes of Prey.

This is what happens when you can't decide on a screen name or author avatar.

This is what happens when you can’t decide on a screen name or avatar.

A raging whirlwind of travelling horrors, The Z-Man has seen many a country crumble under his mighty boots. Armed with only his Adonis like physique and boundless wit, he is often seen assaulting customs officials with his passport and what he calls his “Silver Class Boarding Pass” (a curvy knife). His favourite past times include knocking the teeth out of 18 year old boys, drinking until he vomits and denying being an insatiable sex fiend.

The Lazy So Called “Authors” Who Promise Hilarious Stories and Photographs from Around the World but Completely Fail to Deliver them

The Major shortly after the harrowing Russian Fish Lady incident.

The Major shortly after the harrowing Russian Fish Lady incident.

Haunted by the memories of a probably imaginary, yet unforgettably cruel war, The Major is a raging alcoholic, surviving on Whiskey and breadcrumb alone.

The Major roams the land trying to find the peace and tranquillity that has eluded his soul since those dark days. Ironically, the search, rather than quell the pain and anguish, further fuels the fire and creates new wounds that will one day probably lead to a long awaited grave…