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The Worst Hostel in the World – Little Fir – Harbin

Maybe not the WORST, we haven’t been to them all – that would be retarded/unfeasible but this one is pretty shit, as well as being indisputable PROOF that monopolies are EVIL, as it’s the only hostel in Harbin – Northern China. So the ‘good’ news is that if you’re planning to go there […]

Kuching in Sarawak, City of Cats My Arse!

One cat, one bloody cat – ‘City of Cats’… yeah, city of one cat… But I’m not bitter.

That cat wasn’t even a good cat, as cats go it was pretty shit. As was the cat ‘monument’ located on a roundabout in the middle of town.

Looks like these anatomically incorrect cats were lifted […]

Mini Rough Guide to Wales Beach Attack Shame

I attended the TNT Travel show here in London this weekend; by all accounts a pretty drab and predictable event with booth after booth of crappy keyrings and email spam schemes poorly disguised as ‘competitions’. However, there was one ray of ill humoured sunshine when an enthusiastic Welshman thrust a gem of a free guidebook […]

Travel Can Kill

I was settling down for an afternoons drinking in an unremarkable bar on the sweaty tourist hellworld of Khao San Road, Bangkok, when I met the most travel-beaten individual I encountered during my long trip.

This shell of a man hobbled towards me, accompanied by my friend who had met him […]

Chinglish, Amusing Signage and Products | Part One

Looking through my travel photos I realised I had a quite a few examples of amusing ‘Chinglish’, (that’s poorly translated, grammatically incorrect signage or product packaging which oft-times has humourous connotations). Now, we are not mocking here at Gonzo Tourism; the end result of us trying to write a sign in Mandarin would […]