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From the Diary of Great Uncle Melville: A Beginning to His Travels

Our good colleague andyfied is not the only member of his family to be a seasoned travelist. He has found and transcribed some of the letters and journals of his Great Uncle Melville. Many of these papers are in a poor state and most of the dates on them seem to be obscured by blood, […]

News: Forums are Open

Our forums are now open again after we solved the continuous spam problem. Basically we have to moderate every post until you reach “trusted” status. Please sign up and enjoy. To achieve trusted status you must not spam. You can put a link to your own website/blog in your signature, but the post […]

News: Forums are Closed

Some (by which I mean none) of you may have noticed that the forums are locked. This is because we have been unable to control the huge floods of incoming spam. Until we fix this problem that’s just how it is. It’s not like anyone else really used them anyway.

For our regular […]

Everything is 200 OK in China

You may or may not be aware of the ‘Great Firewall of China’ – it’s the mechanism the current government use to prevent its people learning certain facts protect its citizens from the evils of the interweb.

Anyway, we just ran a quick test using this site and it turns out that the Chinese government […]