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Chinglish, Amusing Signage and Products | Part One

Looking through my travel photos I realised I had a quite a few examples of amusing ‘Chinglish’, (that’s poorly translated, grammatically incorrect signage or product packaging which oft-times has humourous connotations). Now, we are not mocking here at Gonzo Tourism; the end result of us trying to write a sign in Mandarin would probably be some kind of unpleasant ‘international incident’. But we are having an immature sort of laugh, a, ‘Look! They don’t write English real good!’ sort of laugh. So here we go with part one; five examples from China.

1. No Tossing
Good advice when in any public place if you ask me… especially on the very surreal Gulangyu Island.
No Tossing

2. Rong
Ah the Rong, some kind of soy based, vaguely milkish, kind of alcoholic, Chinese version of eggnog. We saw it in the Xian branch of Trust-Mart, (Chinas answer to Tesco) and knew we had to try it – not as bad as you might expect.

3. Self-Heatingmeal
The old favourite of combining words which have no earthly business being joined together. This one was located in the Forbidden City in Beijing.

4. He Feels Sexy More
Another one from Gulangyu Island; Zhang Sanfeng is a crazy cat and no doubt ‘in night he loves wine because he feels sexy more’… I don’t think I need to say anything else about this masterpiece.
Sexy More

5. Tiny Grass has a Life
Such a caring sign could only come from the happily named ‘Sun Island’ in Harbin; sincere concern always shows under my feet.
Tiny Life

That’s it for now, but I’m sure I have some more gems somewhere on my hard drive. Or send your own in; we do love a good signproduct photogoodnss language happy time!

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