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What Have You Got in Your Pockets | Part 2

Sometimes avoiding a scam is just about making sure you pick the right taxi to get into. For example, the metered taxi cabs around Russia are complete rip-offs and are mostly run by the local gangs. All the ones around the airports are controlled by organised crime and are delighted to pick up […]

More Bangkok Nights

After travelling through Russia, Mongolia and China during winter, and especially after the worst snow storm China had seen for 50 years, I was ready for some warm weather. Thailand seemed to be a good choice to hang out while I organised gainful employment. I was really running low on money at this […]

Arrested in Bangkok After Smashing up a Bar | Part Three

Continuing our story from here.

A quick recap: We were in the police station listening to the bar owner tell us what JC had done to deserve being dragged there at four in the morning.

It seems that JC had arrived at the bar early in the morning quite […]

Arrested in Bangkok After Smashing up a Bar | Part Two

Continuing the story that starts here.

Our hero JC was not a happy bunny. He was very hungover and quite worried about visiting a Thai police station as I’m sure you can imagine. The Thai police, especially in the touristy areas are actually very helpful to farang and do let a large amount […]

Travel Can Kill

I was settling down for an afternoons drinking in an unremarkable bar on the sweaty tourist hellworld of Khao San Road, Bangkok, when I met the most travel-beaten individual I encountered during my long trip.

This shell of a man hobbled towards me, accompanied by my friend who had met him […]