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7 Reasons Christmas in Mongolia is More Traditional than You Think

This time last year I and my comrades were heading back to Ulaan Baatar, huddled in the back of our Russian Built version of a VW camper van, which we affectionately named ‘Nastia’. This was after a week long expedition into the Gobi Desert; we were reeking of various odours, weary and very much looking […]

Inner City Pressure… part one

For your enjoyment I thought I’d document some of the weird, annoying and downright ridiculous shit that goes on in lovely London town, (actually a city, in case you live under a rock… or are a sub-mental). And as a homage to the fantastic Flight of the Conchords I’ve dubbed this series ‘Inner […]

Racist Lonely Planet Pictures

Have you ever noticed that the pictures in the Lonely Planet are sometimes a tad, well… stereotypical and offensive? Well we have, so this is the first in the series of racist Lonely Planet photos; feel free to send in your own favourites.

We begin at the beginning, that is when […]

TFL Thinks we are all Seven Years Old…

If you live in London you have no doubt seen them, these that is…

Ok I might have slightly modified these but you know what I’m talking about. I’m concerned that this flavour of weeble-bodied, baby talking rubbish will only serve to inflame the senses of those already […]


Sweaty Editors

Captain Oats in non-formal attire.

A gentleman explorer, probably of the highest order – Captain Oats is a man of absolutely no military standing at all who currently resides in Her Majesties London. Heed his words, for they are the words of a man who has, ‘seen too much’, or […]