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Review: Francofolies at La Rochelle

Hello travellers, this is a special heads up for any francophones out there. We’re officially on the countdown for the next insertion of Francofolies music fest, which takes place every year in France. I highly recommend going to La Rochelle during this time (the fest starts 10th July in 2009). Even if you […]

Guangzhou Tourism

Some visitors to this site are using the search terms “gonzo china” because they don’t know how to spell “Guangzhou”. This isn’t a problem for us, as we at Gonzo Tourism are happy to get any links we can, but I think I should give the people what they want. So, due to […]

More Bangkok Nights

After travelling through Russia, Mongolia and China during winter, and especially after the worst snow storm China had seen for 50 years, I was ready for some warm weather. Thailand seemed to be a good choice to hang out while I organised gainful employment. I was really running low on money at this […]

Mini Rough Guide to Wales Beach Attack Shame

I attended the TNT Travel show here in London this weekend; by all accounts a pretty drab and predictable event with booth after booth of crappy keyrings and email spam schemes poorly disguised as ‘competitions’. However, there was one ray of ill humoured sunshine when an enthusiastic Welshman thrust a gem of a free guidebook […]


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